“Be quiet…” was the last thing Sephiroth said to me, joining his lips with mine. In that moment all my senses woke up, opening my eyes entirely but staying still. The weird thing was that I didn’t try to reject him. Why was Sephiroth doing that?

After kissing me for a few seconds, Sephiroth withdrew his face, staring at me with those green eyes. I stared back, a little confused and with my cheeks slightly blushed. My heart palpitated strongly and my breathing became more agitated. Sephiroth brushed my lips with his thumb, smiling at me softly.

“You are beautiful” he murmured, and lowered his lips to my skin, slowly kissing my cheek, my lips, my chin… going down my neck while he unbuttoned my white shirt.

I started to moan softly, the effect of the alcohol in my blood stopped me from reasoning right and I just let myself swim in the pleasant sensation that man provoked on me. Sephiroth, without stopping kissing my skin, took off his black coat and then his shirt, letting me see his well toned body, as white as fine porcelain. After that he continued unbuttoning my shirt, until he took it off completely, kissing my bare chest. His wet tongue rubbed one of my nipples, and I jumped a little trying to raise my body.

Dante & Virgil
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